COMS builds on its success with local help

COMS builds on its success with local help

The purpose of COMS is to help businesses and organisations within regulated industries realise significant value from their assets, people and processes. We are growing in terms of client numbers and range, geographical reach and employee numbers. Doing that successfully, whilst maintaining our high standards of expertise, customer service and employee satisfaction plus staying true to our values, has taken a multi-pronged approach.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve pulled together a host of local SMEs to help us identify development areas across the business and implement improvements. Essentially, to realise significant value from our own assets, people and processes.

The companies and the areas they have assisted us with include:

Acorn Marketing – Establishing our brand and marketing strategy, including marketing and PR material as well as our digital and social media requirements.
Energy Coast West Cumbria (Properties) BEC – Increased office premises at Westlakes Science Park with flexible arrangements to support future growth.
Dave Polkey Associates – Strategic alignment of our Business Development Strategy, facilitation of partnerships and review of our organisational structure to ensure it meets our long term aims.
West Lakes Recruit – They have become our first, and only, source for recruitment services aligned to our functional hierarchy and opportunity pipeline.
Realise HR – Development of our People Vision and Employer Branding. Has included the recruitment of our Business Support Coordinator, Amy Sutherland, in place to further develop our marketing, HR and Social Impact Strategy.
Burnetts Solicitor’s – For legal support and advice on the structure of all our contractual arrangements and for supporting our collaboration activities.
Lamont Pridmore – For improved financial performance reporting plus general tax and business guidance

And most recently, we have partnered with Plain Purpose to review all our various activities over the past 18 months to ensure our efforts are focused and aligned across the business. Emma-Jayne Gooch, CEO of Plain Purpose has guided us through the following:
• Directors Workshops – To provide a balanced Board of Directors view of our company vision, to align their priorities and develop a targeted action plan.

• Development of our Social Impact Strategy – To support the expansion of our existing strategy, map it to key regional objectives and provide a platform for growth alongside our existing business activities.

• Cultural Enquiry Workshops – To assess the current culture of the organisation against our Core Values to ensure we stay aligned to our beliefs and vision.

These activities have been the culmination of our partnership work and have reaffirmed our focus and conviction, to ensure the future success of COMS.

It has been a pleasure developing a range of initial ideas into tangible business improvements, with such skilled, knowledgeable, and like-minded people. It has also enabled us to strengthen our networks and support the local economy. We are looking forward to building on this strong foundation, as COMS goes from strength to strength

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