COMS celebrate International Women’s Day

COMS celebrate International Women’s Day

Today COMS celebrate International Women’s Day.  The backbone of any business is the team.  We are proud to say we have a fantastic team at COMS, working in the office and at various sites delivering projects.  2020 has been a year of growth for COMS, not only winning more contracts and growing the business but increasing our capability and team size too.  Over the past year, our numbers have expanded to 56 people and we are proud to say that 18% of our personnel are women.

In this predominantly male-dominated industry, we are proud to say that we have women working in an extensive variety of roles across the organisation including director level and system engineers working in the heart of our business.

Both men and women bring unique and varied skills to their roles and we champion the work of everyone in our business – we are part of one big team all working together to achieve a common aim.  However, there is still a need to break down the barriers preventing women from accessing STEM careers.  We know this has changed a lot over recent years and it is so refreshing to see more women developing their careers in engineering, science, nuclear, oil & gas industries.

We hope by championing our female colleagues on International Women’s Day it may inspire a young person to think about a career in a STEM industry, or someone to make a career change, as there really are opportunities for all as stereotypes, gender pay gaps and barriers are broken down.

From the most senior positions, and throughout our organisation, the various roles occupied by our fantastic group of female colleagues are:

  • Director
  • Business Support Snr. Administrator
  • Operations Support Snr. Administrator
  • Training Team Lead
  • Training Developer
  • System Engineer
  • Senior Engineering Assistants
  • Technical Assistant
  • Administrator