Resolve Engineered Solutions: Cumbrian SMEs Unite for Comprehensive Engineering Services

Resolve Engineered Solutions: Cumbrian SMEs Unite for Comprehensive Engineering Services

Cumbria Operations and Maintenance Services Ltd (COMS) is proud to announce its collaboration with three other Cumbrian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)—Forth Engineering, React Engineering, and PAR Systems—to launch a joint venture named ‘Resolve Engineered Solutions.’ This strategic partnership aims to provide end-to-end engineering services, bringing together the unique strengths and capabilities of each company.

The collaboration comes at a time when the demand for integrated engineering solutions is on the rise. With Resolve’s inception, the four firms are set to create a straightforward and effective route for clients to access key project and engineering skills. The combination of the specialist services offered by the four partners, into a complete package, provides a simple way of accessing key capabilities, based locally to client sites.

Each partner in Resolve Engineered Solutions brings a distinct skill to the table. React Engineering specializes in strategic project planning, Forth Engineering is known for its innovative engineering solutions, PAR Systems contributes expertise in mechanical handling, and COMS serves as a specialist in pre-operations, commissioning, and integration.

Cliff Woodman, the Business Director at COMS, highlights the importance of Resolve in broadening the range of services available to the nuclear sector and other regulated industries: “Resolve allows us to offer a wider service offering to meet client needs, leveraging existing relationships and helping Cumbrian companies to compete at the national, and in the future, international level. Together we can be a global player, delivering from Cumbria.”

Resolve Engineered Solutions marks a milestone in the collaboration of Cumbrian SMEs, showcasing the collective commitment to providing high-quality engineering services on a comprehensive scale. The joint venture is positioned to enhance the region’s competitiveness in the engineering sector and offer a robust platform for national and international projects.

Image shows logos of the four companies within the Resolve Engineering Solutions group.
Resolve Engineering Solutions – A new collaboration servicing the nuclear and regulated industries.